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    494 St. Vincent’s Rd. Nudgee Qld 4014

Nudgee Cemetery and Crematorium

Steeped in Brisbane History

Brisbane’s Largest Privately Owned Cemetery – Since 1867

Located directly across the road from T Wrafter & Sons stonemasons, Nudgee Cemetery has a long history of “Honouring Memories Together”.

The beautiful, sweeping grounds provide a true snapshot of Brisbane history, and in particular that of Catholic families.

Although Nudgee Cemetery and Crematorium is owned by the Corporation of the Trustees of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane, services are offered to all religious denominations.

Interestingly, up until 1957, for a person who was not Catholic to be buried on the grounds, the Bishop had to give permission.

Today, Nudgee Cemetery offers burial options for everyone, regardless of their religion or their beliefs.

A Peaceful Place for Remembrance

Nudgee Cemetery has been designed to provide a sanctuary that is peaceful and beautiful for mourners to attend.  There are several areas for private reflection, as well dedicated zones for different burial options.

The Catholic Church takes great care in the management of the cemetery to keep it well maintained, welcoming and serene.

Each zoned area of the cemetery is divided by a series of paths and roads, gardens, and beautiful monuments offering directions, and words of encouragement.

Benches overlooking the centrally placed lake allow families to enjoy the grounds as they remember their loved ones. 

Services and Burial Options at Nudgee Cemetery

Nudgee Cemetery provides a vast range of burial options, and in 2014 the Nudgee Crematorium was completed on the grounds.  This means that Nudgee Cemetery now also offers a range of cremation services too.

Nudgee Cemetery Burial Options
  • Lawn Cemetery – designed with respect so that every grave has its own headstone, and each plot provides space for up to 3 burials.

  • Monumental Lawn – located upon the hill overlooking the grounds, headstones here have a broad range of options and granites to choose from. The newest part of the cemetery and with a modern feel to its premium offerings.

  • Monumental Cemetery – more substantial than lawn burials, the entire grave is covered with a built monument.  Each grave can accommodate up to 2 people as well as ashes.  Monuments are maintained by family members and can be elaborately decorated to remember loved ones.

  • Above Ground Vaults – these are concrete “cells” that are built above ground and allow loved ones to be buried side by side. They are encased with granite and provide many options for personalisation. Learn more about Vaults here.

  • Family Chapels – often the preferred choice of Italian families, these provide 8 or 10 beds surrounding an interior altar for private prayer. Can be finished in ornate granites and marbles, with a lockable door to protect interior contents. Learn more about Family Granite Chapels here.

    Explore what makes a T.Wrafter & Sons Family Chapel different here.

  • Community Chapels – similar in structure and finish to Family Chapels, these provide an above-ground burial alternative and are generally purchased in pairs.  Learn more about Community Chapels here.

  • St Brigid’s Garden – this is a designated area for baby memorials and was redesigned in 2004.  T. Wrafter & Sons were privileged to be able to provide the beautiful granite dedication stone for St Brigid’s Garden.

Nudgee Crematorium Services
  • Crematorium – built in 2004, the Nudgee Crematorium was designed to complement the services and burial options offered by the cemetery.  It features a beautiful columbarium wall and is Brisbane’s only Catholic Crematorium.  

    Despite this, persons of any faith can utilise the crematorium and its services.

  • Cremation Memorials – Nudgee Crematorium offers a variety of choices for memorials within the grounds.  Even if a person is cremated, a memorial provides a place for family and friends to visit and pay tribute to their loved one.

    Families can choose to place their memorial in the Memorial Gardens, the Stations of the Cross Memorial Garden and also along garden edges. Ashes can also be interred into family graves. When purchasing a memorial within the grounds, a plaque and granite plinth is included in the package as standard.

Image Source: Formula Interiors

T Wrafter & Sons
and Nudgee Cemetery

T. Wrafter & Sons has a long-established and respected relationship with Nudgee Cemetery and Crematorium.

Our location directly across the road from the site allows us to offer our clients great insight into the layout of the grounds, the different zones, products and services that are available.

With so many kinds of monuments and memorials to select from, it is essential to view examples before such an important decision is made. Being able to view them in-situ is even better.

A short stroll through the grounds of the cemetery immediately showcases our stonemasonry work as you will see our watermark subtly placed across many graves, vaults, chapels and monuments.

Over the years, we have also completed many restorations of monuments, headstone restorations and replacement of bronze plaques too.  

If you would like to explore the burial, cremation or grave restoration services that are available through T. Wrafter & Sons at Nudgee Cemetery, please complete our enquiry form or call us on (07) 3267 5500.

Visit our FAQs page for more information about the experience of working with our family owned business.

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