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Community Chapels

Community Chapels by T. Wrafter & Sons Brisbane Stonemasons

T. Wrafter & Sons uses care and precision in their construction and has built many community chapels throughout Brisbane.  This kind of fixture provides an intimate place to worship and remember loved ones, and provides an alternative to traditional in-ground burial plots.  If you’d like to learn more about how we construct our chapels, this article provides more detail.

Beautiful Finishes

We offer many options in finishes to give your chapel the aesthetic and durability you require.

Our wide range of marbles and granites ensures it stands the test of time and remains as beautiful as the day it was finished, for many years to come.


A community chapel is initially constructed from durable concrete and comprises 16 individual beds.  The beds are intended to work in vertical pairs but often can be purchased individually too.

In the middle image below, you can see a community chapel bed that has not yet been finished with its granite cover (on the left of the image).  This shows the foundation and construction of the chapel and illustrates why they are generally sold in pairs.

T. Wrafter and Sons can carve inscriptions into the granite or finish your memorial with bronze a plaque.  The design and layout can be pre-selected so that a loved ones wishes are always respected.