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Single Monument Grave

Beautiful Granite and Concrete Finishes

Headstone Shapes, Contours and Mouldings of Every Kind

Your Brisbane monumental stonemasons T. Wrafter & Sons are able to customise your single monument grave with a large selection of finishes, shapes, contours and mouldings.

A single monument is a beautiful way to create a lasting memorial for your loved one, and many options are available to ensure that each grave is personalised for your family.

Select from a choice of headstone shapes, contours and mouldings, as well as premium materials including Australian granite, marble, bronze and painted concrete finishes.

Desk and upright headstones are available and can be combined with different inscription methods to create a classic or contemporary aesthetic.

Depending on your chosen cemetery, you may choose from finishes such as polished, partially polished, frosted and more.

Because all our stonemasonry designed, processed and manufactured right here in Brisbane, customisations can be made via easy and open communication with our team.

In the galleries below, you will find a small selection of single monument graves and examples of finishes, inscriptions, headstones and materials available.

If you wish to see more examples or discuss a personalised design, please contact us.

Single Monument Graves Finished With a Concrete Surround or Concrete Cover

Single Monuments with a Granite Surround

Single Monument Grave with a Granite Cover