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Headstones, Gravestones and Bases

Finely Crafted Memorial Stones

Custom, Personalised Headstones and Gravestones

When dealing with the loss of a loved one, it can be difficult to make the decisions required when deciding on a suitable monument.  A simple but beautiful headstone (also called gravestone) may be the solution.

The team at T. Wrafter & Sons have many years of experience as stonemasons, and are here to ensure your final decisions result in a beautiful and appropriate memorial.

Every monument we produce comes with several options to allow you to embellish it with details that are personal and meaningful to the person you are paying tribute to.

With our guidance, you can select to customise your memorial design with a large selection of finishes, shapes, contours and mouldings. 

Types of Memorial Stones

Desk and upright headstones are available in many shapes and contours. They can be combined with a variety of bases with a rustic or polished finished, or you may prefer them to be free standing with no base.

A headstone can feature at the top of a single or double grave, or be free standing, such as those required in lawn cemeteries. This type of memorial is different from more elaborate monuments such as memorial vaults.

Gravestones can be decorated with beautiful inscriptions that can be engraved, or created in a relief design, such as raised natural inscriptions

You may wish to go for a traditional or classic feel, or perhaps combine more contemporary elements into the design. 

Or you may select to a memorial plaque, bronze plaque or a lawn plaque to remember your loved one.

Regardless of the type of monument though, special care should be taken to create a personal combination of decorative elements and beautifully written memorial plaque wording.

Materials and Finishes

As well as different shapes and sizes of headstones, you can select from many beautiful, and low maintenance premium materials such as Australian granite, marble, bronze and painted concrete finishes.

You may select to include motifs, quotations, bible verses and other wording to decorate and personalise the memorial.

Although different cemeteries have different requirements, you may also to include painted inscriptions, polished, semi-polished or rustic finishes too.

T. Wrafter & Sons is unique in that we complete all of our stonemasonry work right locally in our Brisbane factories.  We do not order in precut, and preprocessed designs; preferring to work with raw materials to ensure your monument is completed traditional way.  We are known to sculpt each piece to perfection, resulting in unsurpassed quality from many decades of passed down expertise.

Please enjoy the below gallery, showcasing some examples of the shapes, materials, finishes, and inscriptions of headstones and gravestones available.

If you wish to see more examples or discuss a personalised design, please contact us.