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    494 St. Vincent’s Rd. Nudgee Qld 4014

Monuments and Memorials

Brisbane Monumental Stonemasons

Expertly Crafted Monuments and Memorials of Every Kind

T. Wrafter & Sons are expert Brisbane monumental stonemasons.  With a history that dates back to the 1800’s our company utilises traditional stonemasonry techniques as well as modern technologies to complete beautiful works befitting of your cherished loved ones.

We have established relationships with many Brisbane cemeteries and in-depth knowledge of the products and services that each offers.  Our location directly across the road from Nudgee Cemetery also provides convenient access to the site and also a way to easily show finished examples of our works for your reference.

Locally Designed, Processed and Crafted

T. Wrafter & Sons offers a service that is very unique in the Brisbane stonemasonry industry.  We do not simply import finished pieces and install them. Rather, we order only raw pieces into our factory and every finish, cut, carving, polishing and inscription is completed in-house.

Your loved one’s memorial is completed with detail and care, often by hand, and with the respect that they deserve.  You have access to your artisan at every step, and in some circumstances, you are even able to make changes and alterations along the way.

If you would like to learn more about the attention to detail and care taken by our team when creating your memorial, visit this blog post.

The images below provide links to show you examples of the many kinds of monuments and memorials that T.Wrafter & Sons Brisbane monumental stonemasons can create for you.