494 St. Vincent’s Rd. Nudgee Qld 4014

About T. Wrafter & Sons

Company History

T. Wrafter & Sons has a long and credible history. The name T. Wrafter, dates back to the late 1800’s when Timothy Wrafter, a stonemason from Ireland, set up a monumental business in Nudgee.  As time progressed and the firm grew, he encouraged his nephew, Timothy, also a stonemason from Ireland, to emigrate to Australia and work in his business.

Timothy eventually procured the business from his uncle and as work increased and his two sons Denis and Joseph grew older, they were apprenticed as stonemasons, hence the beginning of the firm, T. Wrafter & Sons.

Under the stewardship of these two sons, the business flourished and further expanded into the field of processing and fixing of granite, marble, sandstone, as well as, wholesaling and wholesale production of stone products.

T. Wrafter & Sons today…

The ensuing years necessitated the procurement of state of the art machinery to cope with the ever expanding business opportunities.  Today, T. Wrafter & Sons boasts two factories and a base of knowledge that allows it to tackle all projects associated with the design, manufacture and installation of many differing stone projects, including artworks, memorials and church works.

This dynamic and creative company is now managed by Denis’ son, Peter, a Board Director and a qualified stonemason with over forty years’ experience in the stone industry.

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