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Toowong Cemetery

Brisbane’s most notable cemetery

Toowong Cemetery – Since 1871

Toowong Cemetery is an iconic and historic burial ground located in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. Established in 1866, it covers an area of approximately 250 acres and has been a significant landmark in the area ever since.

The cemetery was established in response to the growing population of Brisbane in the mid-19th century. The original site was a pastoral property known as the Paddington Estate, which was purchased by the government for the purpose of creating a cemetery. The first burial took place in May 1871, and the cemetery was officially opened in December of the same year.

Toowong Cemetery is not only a final resting place but also a cultural and historical destination, steeped in history and legend. It boasts a unique layout, built over a steep and hilly landscape, that makes it visually stunning and of interest to tourists and visitors alike.

There is an exquisite collection of heritage-listed monuments and graves, in various states of upkeep, adding to the curiosity of those who visit the site. The cemetery is home to over 120,000 burials and contains various burial options, from traditional burials to cremation and memorialisation.

Burial options at Toowong Cemetery

Brisbane City Council is the administrator of Toowong Cemetery and has deemed it to be at full capacity. Therefore, there are no new gravesites available. However, existing family graves may be available, and depending on the date of the last burial, family graves may be re-used upon application to the council.

Some sites are still available for ashes in the niche wall or existing graves.

The cemetery offers a range of memorial options, including headstones, plaques, memorials, lawn burials, mausoleum interment, cremation, and memorialisation. The cemetery is open to people of all faiths and has dedicated areas for different religious denominations.

More information can be found on the Brisbane City Council website.

Trivia and history

Toowong Cemetery has a rich and fascinating history, with numerous stories and trivia circulating. One of the most well-known is the story of the “Toowong Angel”, a life-sized marble statue of an angel that is said to have supernatural powers. Visitors have reported seeing the statue weeping tears of blood and have claimed to have had their wishes granted after touching it.

Another interesting story is that of a ghostly horse and carriage that is said to roam the cemetery at night. According to legend, the carriage belongs to a wealthy businessman who was buried in the cemetery and is still searching for his lost fortune.

The voluntary organisation Friends of Toowong Cemetery meets regularly and conducts guided tours of the historic location.

  • Autumn leaves cover graves from the mature trees above at Toowong Cemetery.
  • Mature trees feature through out the landscape of the Toowong Cemetery.
  • Entrance to the Toowong Cemetery.
  • Trees in Toowong Cemetery line the roads and are a feast for the eyes as they change colour during autumn.
  • Looking toward one of the hill peaks in Toowong Cemetery.
  • Beautiful trees line a road, providing a lovely vista at Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane.
  • Vibrant green trees provide a beautiful backdrop at Brisbane's Tooowng Cemetery.
  • The steep and hilly landscape at Toowong Cemetery provides unique views from across the venue.

Visiting Toowong Cemetery

Toowong Cemetery is not only a final resting place but also an outdoor museum filled with unique and historic features.

Visitors can explore the cemetery’s beautiful gardens, architecture, and cultural artefacts. Some of the key features include the Main Gatehouse, which is a heritage-listed building that serves as the main entrance to the cemetery.

There is also the Temple of Peace, a heritage-listed memorial dedicated to three fallen soldiers, all brothers, the Cross of Sacrifice and Stone of Remembrance, and the Brisbane Transport tramway workers memorial.

The history is so rich, that one can even participate in well-known Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tours at the venue.

T Wrafter & Sons
and Toowong Cemetery

As an approved Brisbane City Council stonemason, T. Wrafter & Sons has worked closely with Toowong Cemetery for many years.

As Brisbane monumental stonemasons, we are able to offer many stonemasonry services at this location, including: single monuments and double monuments, headstones, memorial plaques, vaults and granite chapels.

If you would like to explore the burial or grave restoration services that are available through T. Wrafter & Sons at Toowong Cemetery, please complete our enquiry form or call us on (07) 3267 5500.

Alternatively, please visit this page – Brisbane Cemeteries – to learn about additional locations for your more memorial.

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