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Memorial Vaults

Above Ground Burial Alternative

What is a Burial or Memorial Vault?

An above ground burial or memorial vault is an alternative to burying a casket underground.  A cement receptacle is built above ground that houses the casket.  This is then lined and sealed and finished with marble and granite.

Learn more about vault construction in this step-by-step guide.

A vault provides a great option for family memorials and can be built in single or double formations.  Custom formations can also be designed, housing up to 8 caskets in the one memorial.

Benefits of Vaults

The design of vaults offer great protection to the casket,  requiring less maintenance than grass cemetery plots and graves with plaques.  They are more resistant to the effects of the weather and ground settling ensuring that your memorial is preserved in its original beautiful state for many years to come.

Like single and double monuments, vaults come with many options for customisations and in the gallery below you can see lots of examples of inscriptions, statues, motifs and materials to create a truly beautiful and personal monument for your loved one.

Serpentine Memorial Vaults

Blue Pearl and Emerald Pearl Vaults

Australian Grandee

Other Examples of Custom Above Ground Vaults