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    494 St. Vincent’s Rd. Nudgee Qld 4014

Granite Chapels

A Monument For Families

A Personal Place of Worship

Choosing to invest in a granite chapel for your family is a big decision, but one that leaves the perfect legacy.  T. Wrafter & Sons understands the importance of personal touches and immaculate finishes play when creating a private environment from which your family can worship and remember loved ones.

Family Chapels – A Private Tribute

A private chapel becomes a tribute to your family’s bond and a piece of history for generations to come. With beautiful finishes inside and out, your privacy and comfort will be preserved.  Your family will always have a place to visit that provides a personal environment for you to worship, pray and memorialise.

Built With Trusted, Time-honoured Techniques

The construction of a chapel is a big undertaking.  Everything is on a much larger scale than that of a simple gravestone or monument.  A  chapel must be large enough to provide beds for up to 10 family members surrounding a small altar in the centre.

The scale and weight of such a process take specialised equipment and attention to detail that can only be offered by experienced stonemasons.

All of our stonemasonry works are completed right here in Brisbane and you can select from the finest granites, marbles and precision joinery that is constructed using traditional methods.

Visit our blog to learn about the process of building your family chapel and the lengths that T. Wrafter & Sons go to ensure it is perfectly finished.

The team at Nudgee Cemetery & Crematorium have also created an informative page that describes the layout and purpose of granite family chapels in a little more detail here.

Pictured below are just a few examples of family chapels (made from granite and marble) that have been expertly designed and constructed by T. Wrafter & Sons Stonemasons.