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    494 St. Vincent’s Rd. Nudgee Qld 4014

Purchasing a Family Chapel is a big decision.

With T. Wrafter & Sons you are in safe hands.  You can rest easy knowing that our family chapels will stand the test of time for many generations to come.  If you have further questions, you can read more about our products and processes on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

  • A company steeped in knowledge and experience.

    With over 200 years of history behind us, T. Wrafter & Sons understands the complexities and seriousness of purchasing a family chapel or a community chapel.  We have an extensive skill base having employed and trained apprentice stonemasons for many years.

  • Specialists in family chapels to preserve your memories.

    Although we manufacture and import stone materials for domestic and commercial projects, we specialise in custom-designed monuments and memorials that truly preserve your family’s legacy.

  • Attention to detail is what we are most known for.

    We understand how important those little details are.  “Getting it right” is what we are most known for. We don’t cut corners and we don’t take shortcuts.  Attention to detail and design are our paramount considerations in all of our work.

  • Utlisation of the latest technologies for the best results.

    We use innovative technologies and state-of-the-art machinery in our production processes.  This means that every step has quality check and controls, and you are completely informed along the way.  We provide full documentation Autocad format for:

    • Application for permits;
    • Manufacturing purposes;
    • Future warranty reference.

  • Precision for the perfect finish on your family chapel.

    Precision is our objective and we work to 2mm joints. The images below illustrate this.

Precision is the key to a perfect finish in our family chapels and single monuments. We work to 2mm joints.
  • We only use premium materials to ensure a a robust result.

    We use only premium neutral cure silicone’s in our jointing.  T. Wrafter & Sons does not compromise on quality in any of our materials or finishes. 

    The families we work with expect their monuments and chapels to be a memorial for hundreds of years and only the best materials will achieve this.

  • Mechanical fixings with no adhesives used during production.

    All components are mechanically fixed to the substrates or themselves, with non-corrosive metal fixings exclusively using:

    • Copper;
    • Brass; 
    • 316 Stainless Steel (Marine Grade).

    At no time do we stick or adhere stonework to a substrate. All stone is pinned.

    A single monument can have a minimum of 14 fixing points, where a family chapel can have up to 132 fixing points or more. These fixing points require holes into, and sometimes through the stone components being fixed, to anchor them properly to avoid movement. 

    T. Wrafter & Sons only uses fixing methods that allow any of the family chapel panels to be removed safely and independently of the others in the building.  This facilitates ease of re-fixing after removal.

  • Diamond tooling to reduce cracking and damage and increase resilience.

    Where fixing holes are needed, we achieve them by using diamond tooling.  This reduces the chance of cracking which can occur with holes drilled by percussion machinery.

    This provides a better finish but other advantages too. For example, avoiding cracking during production  increases the resilience of your family chapel and reduces the likelihood of ongoing maintenance as the years progress.