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Memorial Plaques Brisbane

The Finishing Touch for Stone Monuments

Memorial Plaques to Commemorate and Remember

Memorial plaques – Regardless of the type of monument you select to remember your loved one, it will likely be finished with some inscription, epitaph and/or plaque.

Commemorative or memorial plaques can be attached to a columbarium wall, statue, grave or headstone or incorporated into the monument with the inscription engraved directly into the stone.
Not all memorial plaques are used in cemeteries and graves.  A beautifully engraved plaque can decorate a garden, indicate the purpose of a public monument, name a building or even purely as a beautiful piece of art.

Monumental Stonemasons Plaques

As monumental stonemasons, T. Wrafter & Sons specialise in crafting memorials and monuments using traditional techniques and natural stone.  

Combining premium stone products such as Australian granites, sandstones, limestones, and imported marble with precision etched inscriptions and artwork, our stonemasons will create a unique piece customised to bring your vision to life.

Even something as simple as a lawn plaque or a bronze plaque can become a piece of art if crafted with care, attention to detail and creative touches.

Stone Plaque Design Options

There are many considerations when designing bronze or stone memorial plaques.  As well as selecting the size and materials, there are many design elements, such as engraving of symbols, and motifs, emblems and logos.  You may even opt to include a porcelain photo or laser etched portrait.

One of the most important aspects of any monument is the words and phrases that are used to communicate the purpose and sentiment of the monument.We have put together this comprehensive guide to memorial plaque wording to help through the writing process. You can also learn all about raised natural inscriptions in this article.

Types of Memorial Plaques

For examples of the types of plaques and design options available from T. Wrafter & Sons Brisbane, please click on the images below and view our galleries.

Memorial Plaques FAQs

What is a stonemason?

What is a Stonemason?

In short, Stonemasons are craftsman that work with natural stone to create artworks, buildings, monuments and more.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering just what a stonemason is or does, this article takes you behind the scenes in our Brisbane stonemasonry factory.

What makes T. Wrafter & Sons different?

What makes T. Wrafter & Sons different?

T. Wrafter & Sons produces all of its work right here in Brisbane.  Unlike others in the industry, we work only with raw materials and do not order in pre-fabricated pieces.  Our custom built factory has everything we need to design, process and construct your monument.

We work alongside you every step of the way, ensuring that no detail is overlooked and that the final piece is installed with utmost care and attention.

Read this article to learn about the additional lengths we go to when crafting a family chapel. 

Are there different types of headstones and gravestones?

Are there different types of headstones and gravestones?

Headstones and gravestones are as unique and individual as the person they are memorialising.  There are many areas of customisation dependent upon budget and requirements.  Visit our headstones, gravestones and bases page to learn more.