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Meet First Nations Artist

Lisa Caruana
First Nations Artist Lisa Caruana

As  artists in the age old tradition of stonemasonry, it was important to us that our Acknowledgement of Country paid genuine respect to the First Nations people.

Meet Lisa Caruana.  Lisa is the First Nations artist responsible for creating our beautiful Acknowledgement of Country artwork.

Lisa’s art practices include painting, digital art and pattern design. She also hand crafts jewelery and traditional artefacts.

Lisa is the recipient of a number of recent cultural awards, including:

  • Finalist – Lord Mayor’s Photographic Awards
  • Finalist – Lake Macquarie MAC Museum emerging artists awards
  • Winner – 2022 Bracken Ridge Woman of the Year 

Lisa’s Story

“I am a First Nations artist residing on Turrbal County.

My traditional name is Gilinggilingba; Flying Fox.  I am a proud cultural woman of the Great Larrakia Nation of the Northern Territory.

My language group is Gulumerrgin, and her totems are Dangalaba and Dumidungala (crocodile and dugong).

We are Saltwater People.

I have lived and worked on Turrbal County for well over 25 years, I have strong community connections to Turrbal country. I have an immense passion for our First Nations culture and the importance of sharing our culture with the wider community.

As First Nations People we must strive to keep our culture thriving.”

Connect with Lisa on Facebook and Instagram.

The Story Behind The Artwork

by First Nations artist, Lisa Caruana.

Family, friends and community gather gum leaves as they journey to the peaceful place amongst the tall grass. As ceremony commences cleansing smoke washes over them.

Scattered campfires radiate warmth burning long into the evening.  Gentle winds ebb the smoke across the surrounding country as those that gather pay respects and mourn the loss of their loved one now resting in the dreaming. 

Acknowledgement of Country artwork by First Nations artist Lisa Caruana.
Acknowledgement of Country with artwork by First Nations artist Lisa Caruana