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Why buy a Family Chapel from T. Wrafter & Sons?

8 GREAT REASONS to purchase a Family Chapel from T. Wrafter & Sons

  • 1

    T. Wrafter & Sons has an extensive skill base employing and training apprentices in the Stone Trade.

  • 2

    We manufacture and import stone materials for monuments, domestic and commercial projects.

  • 3

    Attention to detail and design is paramount in our production process.

  • 4

    All works are documented in Autocad format for:

    • Application for permits;
    • Manufacturing purposes;
    • Future warranty reference.

  • 5

    Precision is our objective and we work to 2mm joints (see photo plate 1 and 2).

  • 6

    We use only premium neutral cure silicone’s in our jointing.

  • 7

    All components are mechanically fixed to the substrates or themselves, with non-corrosive metal fixings exclusively using:

    • Copper;
    • Brass; 
    • 316 Stainless Steel (Marine Grade).

    At no time do we stick or adhere stonework to a substrate. All stone is pinned.

    A single monument can have a minimum of 14 fixing points, where a family chapel can have up to 132 fixing points or more. These fixing points require holes into, and sometimes through the stone components being fixed, to anchor them properly to avoid movement.  The fixing methods used by the us allows any of the chapel panels to be removed safely and independently of the others in the building, while facilitating ease of re-fixing after removal.

  • 8

    Fixing holes are achieved by diamond tooling, reducing the incidence of cracking which may manifest from holes drilled by percussion machinery.